Our Excellence
Looking into the applications existing in the various industries, following is the list
of various solutions that we are offering to our customers :
3⁄4 Simple Weighing / Counting Applications
3⁄4 Table Top Scales for small capacity weighments / counting with high
3⁄4 Bench Scales for various ranges
3⁄4 Floor Scales for Dry/Wet Industrial Applications
3⁄4 Floor Scales for Wash proof Applications
3⁄4 Heavy Duty Scales for Bulk Weighments / Counting or Rough Handling
3⁄4 Scales for applications requiring high resolutions in high capacity
Weighing Applications for Hazardous areas
3⁄4 Scales for applications requiring external flameproof enclosures
3⁄4 Scales for applications requiring intrinsically flameproof scale construction
Drum filling Systems
3⁄4 Single barrel filling system for foaming/non-foaming materials
3⁄4 Multi barrel ( up to max. 4 nos of barrels ) filling system of higher
3⁄4 Special Filling systems for Hazardous areas
Tank Weighing Systems
3⁄4 Tank Weighing system ( for horizontal / vertical tanks )
3⁄4 Hopper Weighing Systems
3⁄4 Batch Weighing Systems
3⁄4 Chlorine Tonner / Bullet Weighing Systems
3⁄4 Reactor Weighing Systems
3⁄4 Silo Weighing Systems
Bagging Systems
3⁄4 Net Bagging
3⁄4 Gross Bagging

3⁄4 Telescopic Conveyor / Truck Loader
3⁄4 Standard Weighbridges with Analog output load cells
3⁄4 Digitol Weighbridges with Digital output load cells
3⁄4 On-line High-Speed Check weighing Systems
3⁄4 Off-line High / Low Speed Check weighing Systems

3⁄4 Belt Weigher
3⁄4 Weigh Feeder
Or any other customize made solutions required for accurate weighments
Apart from the above mentioned solutions, we also supply various spares such
as ::
3⁄4 Load cells,
3⁄4 Display terminals,
3⁄4 Standard and Customize Softwares
3⁄4 Standard Weights
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